Can push back racking be customized?

Yes, push back racking can be customized to suit specific warehouse requirements. It can be designed to accommodate different pallet sizes, weight capacities, and lane depths. Customization options also include incorporating safety features, such as impact-resistant cart stops and lane end barriers.

Are there any safety considerations for push back racking?

Yes, safety is essential when using push back racking. Some considerations include:
• Proper training of forklift operators on the use of push back racking systems.
• Regular inspections of the system to identify any signs of damage or wear.
• Ensuring even weight distribution and load capacity limits are not exceeded.
• Using safety accessories like impact-resistant cart stops, lane end barriers, and safety pins to prevent accidents.

How do I determine if push back racking is suitable for my warehouse?

To determine if push back racking is suitable for your warehouse, consider factors such as the number of pallets to be stored, available floor space, product variety, throughput requirements, and budget constraints. Consulting with us and we will provide valuable insights and help you make an informed decision.