Well Organised
We Provide Comprehensive List Of Racking Systems
To Improve Your Warehouse Space Management
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Well Organised
We Provide Comprehensive List Of Racking Systems
To Improve Your Warehouse Space Management
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Well Organised
We Provide Comprehensive List Of Racking Systems
To Improve Your Warehouse Space Management


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We are the manufacturer of the racking system such as Warehouse Racking System, Pallet Racking System, Heavy Duty Racking System, Drive-In Racking, Racking System with Mezzanine Flooring, Longspan Medium Duty Rack, etc


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It has and indicator which display the low battery level and returns automatically to its entry position. It make the most of limited space and forklift truck fleets.


Additional horizontal floor space can be created with the option of mezzanine platform and safety barrier can be improvised for safety feature of the racking system.


It provides a systematic approach to organize goods, which facilitates stock taking and greatly reduces risks of goods damage due to improper storage methods.

As a reliable rack supplier Malaysia, we specialize in providing high-quality storage racking solutions tailored to meet diverse storage needs. Our range of storage racking Malaysia includes versatile longspan racking, offering a sturdy and adjustable shelving system suitable for medium to heavy-duty loads. Whether you need efficient warehouse storage or organized industrial shelving, our solutions are designed to optimize space while ensuring durability. Trust us as your go-to rack supplier in Malaysia for cost-effective and practical storage solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

A heavy-duty rack in Malaysia is a robust storage solution designed to withstand substantial weight loads. Typically made from durable materials like steel, these racks are engineered to support heavy items in warehouses, factories, or industrial settings. With adjustable shelves and various configurations available, they offer efficient organization and maximized storage capacity for bulky or large-sized items.

A shelving system in Malaysia refers to a versatile storage solution designed to optimize space in various environments such as homes, offices, or retail spaces. These systems typically consist of modular components like shelves, brackets, and supports that can be customized to fit specific needs. Offering flexibility and easy assembly, shelving systems in Malaysia help enhance organization and accessibility for a wide range of items, from books and documents to merchandise and display items.

Is MyInterack a manufacturer or a distributor of racking systems?

MyInterack is both a manufacturer and a distributor of racking systems. We have our own production facilities and experienced team to manufacture customized racking systems based on customer requirements. We also partner with trusted suppliers to provide a wider range of products.

Can MyInterack provide installation services?

Yes, we offer professional installation services for all our products. Our team of experts is equipped with the necessary skills and tools to ensure that the installation process is done efficiently and safely.

Can MyInterack provide maintenance and repair services?

Yes, we offer maintenance and repair services for all our products. Our team will conduct regular inspections and maintenance to ensure that the racking systems are functioning properly and are in compliance with safety regulations.

Does MyInterack offer any warranties for their products?

Yes, we offer warranties for all our products. The length and coverage of the warranty vary depending on the product and customer requirements. Our team will provide detailed warranty information during the quotation process.

Does MyInterack provide consultation services for racking systems?

Yes, we provide consultation services to help customers determine the most suitable racking systems for their warehouse or storage needs. Our team will work closely with the customer to understand their requirements and provide customized solutions to optimize storage space and efficiency.

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